There are 247 reasons, which are better left unlisted. However, the willingness to meet the standards we set for others was a challenge we were not able to ignore.

01 What companies do we annoy?

Primarily those who approach the programming unidimensionally and sell exaggerated fantasies. We believe that the ultimate user is not an irrelevant element of the production process, which results in crossing out the correct number of tasks within the agile methodology. We are there to share our knowledge and practice, help you understand both the User Experience and what constitutes the final design of the project. Additionally, how to not destroy a well executed job with terrible production process and managemeng.

02 Who are we for?

We realize that our services are not for everyone, because we need the space to work. Certain space. For example, when a plumber comes to fix a pipe in the toilet, the toilet owner does not instruct him how to do it. The consequences of such a situation can have wide repercussions. This is why we strongly believe that when it comes to a significantly more complex process, such as software development, our role should not be restricted only to writing the code.

03 What do we basically do?

Our job consists in building the trust through reliability and experience. We risk nothing, sharing it with others. Only then you are able to trust us with your project, either web-based or mobile. Only when you start to share our vision: IT projects comprise not only ideas in a bud, but also almost evangelical approach to user interface design and the very aesthetics of the final product.

how do we work?

Every realization consists of three basic stages, which at the same time constitute the value of your project.




We meet up with you and ask a lot questions. We need it in order to understand the project, business, you and determine the initial criteria.




We give form to the earlier answers. We design graphic composites, different ways of solution development, user experience and interface.




We code and test. When the production process is over, we give you the complete project. Not ever the other way round.